Kevin Focke headshot with orange perfume bottle.

Kevin Focke

"Storytelling with plenty of salt and a dash of madness."

Kevin has a flair for experimentation & creative reconceptualization, making each project a surprise.

His projects include: A nature documentary set in a fantasy world, explaining the sexual archetypes of Fifty Shades of Gray while inventing a new psychological framework for happiness…

Declaring he died in 1967 because "That's when you start earning the big bucks" and statistically proving why stockbrokers like to "Make it rain"…

Categorizing music with perfume-inspired sonical textures, birthing a baby leviathan through Greco-Roman dreams, sampling his own albums beyond recognizability

His curious confections continue to astonish & delight.

Kevin Focke stands for:

Fockin' Great Quality
Quality with a capital Q.
Full of Character
Creations full of zest & life.
Fantastically Experimental
Innovating across categories.
Ferociously Imaginative
Looking beyond the easy & obvious.