Kevin Focke headshot with orange perfume bottle.

💼 Resume:

Kevin Focke

"Storytelling with plenty of salt and a dash of madness."

Kevin has a flair for experimentation & creative shenanigans, making each project a surprise.

His projects include: A nature documentary set in a fantasy world, a book full of questionable facts, explaining the sexual archetypes of Fifty Shades of Gray while inventing a new psychological framework for long-term happiness, and statistically proving why stockbrokers like to "Make it rain"…

Categorizing music with perfume-inspired sonical textures, birthing a baby leviathan through Greco-Roman dreams, sampling his own albums beyond recognizability

His curious confections continue to astonish & delight.

Kevin Focke stands for:

Fockin' Great Quality
Quality with a capital Q.
Full of Character
Creations full of zest & life.
Fantastically Experimental
Innovating across categories.
Ferociously Imaginative
Looking beyond the easy & obvious.