Outlandish Curiosity

Travel to a whimsical fantasy island to discover eccentric creatures & plants.

Outlandish Curiosity
  1. DateFri Dec 22 2023
  2. Category book

Outlandish Curiosity is my big passion project; a fully illustrated 88 page graphic novel that I wish existed:

Whimsical Fantasy + The Joy Of Travel + Nature Documentary

You can find the behind-the-scenes videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL26-CxnLWOfBcEmyC_wxeO_-AASjcGR-Y

The project is not yet published. You can best stay updated about the project on my Twitter or this website.


Written by Kevin Focke

Illustrated by Daniel Sherekin (Boro)

Prototype by Robin Fasel