Sunshine In Suburbia

Concrete grass is a grand modernity—crass as the sunlight cracks.

Sunshine In Suburbia
  1. DateFri May 29 2020
  2. Category music
  3. Sonical Accords Petrichor Plonk Crisp
  4. Music Mood Sunshine In Suburbia 🌞

These are strange times. While we’re fighting a war against an invisible virus, the sun is still shining—even in wet & dreary Belgium.

The future is uncertain, but we’re trying to make the best of it. We’re hoping to brighten up people’s day a bit. So while the late-night summer parties will have to wait, we can still grab a bottle o’ bubbles and enjoy some sweet music.


Creative vision by Kevin Focke

Production by Gold Skull, a member of Maximum Love

Cover by BoroCG