The Reflection Collection

Short Stories

Short stories galore.

Jane Pinkerton, born and raised in New Mambous, daughter of the infamous mountebank George Fraser and the notorious scientist Anna Grinkov, steps into an open sky. Within her, a purple haze of  sun & sparkles.

ISBN: 9791222035543

This omnibus chronicles the search of my voice as an author. Storytellers never simply pop out of the ground fully-formed. Just as a tree needs a solid base to grow from, exploring roots in search for nutrition in all directions, so does a writer.

The book is composed of four parts:

  1. The Reflection Collection (The Elemental Series + The Jane Pinkerton Chronicles)

  2. The Tales Untold Collection

  3. The Zoobadoo Zoo Short Story

  4. The Seasons Of Love Collection


Written by Kevin Focke

Illustrations by BoroCG

The Melendrin Road cover by Robin Fasel