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What We Stand For

  1. Fockin' Great Quality

    We refine stories until they're great as can be.

  2. Full Of Character

    Not yet another bland brand. Our stories are full of zest and life!

  3. Fantastically Experimental

    Innovation is in our bones. We experiment across genres and forms of Art.

  4. Ferociously Imaginative

    We look beyond the easy & obvious. We envision magic and make it.

Reason For Being

‘Here be dragons’, the Unknown shouted at the edges of the map. Today the dragons are gone—and how utterly boring that is! What's left for us to discover? Which experiences are still unrevealed?

That's where Kevin Focke works his magic: Through continual experimentation, he brought the BatWhaleDragon into being; a musical extravaganza beyond the constraints of genre & conventions.

One of many outlandish curiosities to come…

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