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Coding Projects

A list of all my coding projects ordered by project size.

Currently looking for a FinTech or Data Science job. Contact me via LinkedIn.

I have a business-tech background. You can find more info on my CV.

Mystery Project

  • My biggest coding project so far.
  • Will reveal once MVP is finished.

Personal Website

  • The blazing fast website you're on right now!
  • Technology: Gatsby & React
  • Based on Jodie by LekoArts with additional customizations

Photo Mosiac

  • Creates a beautiful photomosaic
  • Technology: Python 3
  • Library: Pillow Image Library, tqdm (progress bar)
  • Available on Github

Game Of Life

  • Library to simulate Conway's Game Of Life
  • Technology: Python 3
  • Paradigm: Object-Oriented
  • Available on Github

Sudoku Solver

  • Recursively solves all 9x9 sudokus using backtracking
  • Technology: Custom-made C library for speed, Python 3 for usability
  • Libraries: Ctypes (extending Python with C)
  • Available on Github

URL Mapping & Validation Tool

  • Made a tool to help ensure a smooth website migration
  • Technology: Python 3
  • The software is proprietary. It was made during my internship at Deloitte
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